Key People


Simon Pickles


Simon is a Keighley based poet who writes punchy rhymes about everything from his family to his personal recovery journey. He hosts his own open mic night in Keighley and works alongside other artists using his talent and experience to reach the young and disadvantaged with spoken word in his home town and further afield.

Sharena Lee Satti


Well-known on the poetry scene in the city, Sharena has several poetry collections including 'She' published by Verve Poetry Press. Sharena has openly written about her experiences growing up in a household affected by substance misuse. Facing issues such as cultural identity and childhood trauma and survival, Sharena uses her voice to help others.

Laura Baldwin


Laura is a spoken word performance artist and copywriter from Bingley. She began sharing her creative writing when her son was in rehabilitation. Laura is a wheelchair user and writes about her personal life experiences to reach others in similar circumstances as well as writing topical poetry that relates to a wider audience.